Sunday, July 15, 2007

I Found the Channel!

I have been thinking I didn't get the channel on my cable for the Tour, but I found it tonight! Yippee! Now I CAN knitalong. And I have actually made progress on the mountain of UFOs! I am ready to begin the neck decreases on both sides of my Kimono Jacket (the back is finished), and to begin the armhole decreases on my Sage.

Of course, tomorrow is a rest day, so I guess I can use it to rest up, too. I'll take photos.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Where Has the Time Gone?

I'll start with a little bit of Yarn Pr0n, even though it is Saturday. This is some Furrari in gorgeous colors. A really soft Mohair with a little polyester and nylon. Who knows what I'll do with it! And I'll show it really big.


Now, where have I been?

After my sons'graduation, a good friend of mine returned home from a three week trip to Indonesia and Singapore with a case of Dengue fever. We learned quite a lot in the weeks following her return. She was hospitalized on painkillers for almost a week, and then suffered a kind of withdrawal from the painkillers. Her doctor's office was awful, from not wanting to report the case, which he would be required to do, to completely ignoring her pain, which is severe with Dengue, AND recommending ibuprofen, which you DO NOT want to take with this because it can cause severe hemorrhaging. What a nightmare!

Once she was feeling a little better, we went off on a little adventure to a mutual friend's cabin at Bryce Mountain resort. It is SO beautiful and quiet there! Not a sign of commercialism - read 7-11- for 20 miles!

That same week, my son took his first road trip - by himself - all the way to Michigan. He had a great time! I was only a wreck on the days he had to drive the 8 hour trip.

Then we spent the week of the 4th on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, visiting my extended family. We had a wonderful time, weather was spectacular! But I was glad to get home. There was also actual knitting on this trip! I finished the first side of my Orangina! And halfway up the second front of my Kimono Jacket! Woo hooo!

This week, on Wednesday I took my daughter down to the University of Virginia for a field hockey camp. I took a friend with me and we spent the afternoon and night in Charlottesville. We went to The Needle Lady and bought yarn! And earrings from my favorite vendor at the Downtown Mall, a bricked pedestrian mall in the heart of the city. We had a fabulous dinner, and a visit with yet another mutual friend, staying at her wonderful 1925 brick center-hall colonial just blocks from the center of town. We walked everywhere!

We drove home on Thursday, and on Friday morning we went on a 42 mile bike ride to Bethesda, MD and back. It's a great ride, one I haven't done in a long time. And the weather was warm and sunny, not humid! Great ride! I've been frustrated because I now can't get the channel I have watched the Tour de France on in past years. So I haven't seen any of it! Just the short videos on the web. So no tour knitting - yet. I'm still trying!

My wonderful husband has been incredibly understanding with all my disappearing this summer! But I think I'm home for a while now. My daughter has her first job, at a pastry shop, this summer. My son and husband are working on the "Jeep Project", a 1990 Jeep Wrangler they're "refurbishing". I'm still on the UFO challenge, and updating my Ravelry stuff. Hopefully, I won't fall off the posting wagon again for so long!

Happy Bastille Day!