Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mountain Goat

Don't ya just want to roll around in it? It's soooo soft and squishy…

Mountain Colors Mountain Goat

Mountain Colors Mountain Goat

Mountain Colors Mountain Goat

Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekly Update

Or, It must be Friday again!

I've almost finished Lorelei - I'm on the upper front and it's looking good!

Lorelei close up

Here's a flat view of the back:


I also decided that the double circular method is best for the sleeves of 28Thirty. I'm halfway down the first sleeve. And I found buttons! 9 little round deep blue buttons. They'll be perfect for this sweater. I went to Uniquities' Memorial Day sale last weekend and found the buttons, replaced my Brittany dpns (size 2) which DD had sat upon and broken - they now come in sets of 6! - and I bought 4 skeins of Mountain Colors Mountain Goat in Ladyslipper. Can't. Resist. Sale. Yarn. Photos tomorrow.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Summertime, and the livin' is easy…

I wish!

Not too bad, though. BIL is now at a respected rehab hospital and making progress. He still has not opened his eyes, and at 7 weeks post-op, they're beginning to get a little concerned. He is still on target for a late June release to outpatient rehab. He really wants to get home! And we all really want for him to be at home, even though it will mean a whole new set of obstacles. They live in a 1932 brick Tudor with beautiful, but narrow doorways. He'll most likely be living in the living room for some time. But it will be so good to have him out of hospitals!

DS is home from college and he actually found a job! Or rather, the job found him. A neighbor asked if he was back and looking for work on morning last week. He more or less stumbled into this job where he is "babysitting" drywall contractors as they repair walls damaged in the flooding we had around here a couple of weeks ago. $15 an hour AND they're providing him a security clearance. After the crew is finished, he'll move into a "role playing" position as this company trains interrogators, and he will pretend to be an interrogatee. Cool, huh?

DD turned 16 on Tuesday. We took her and 10 of her girlfriends to dinner at Chadwick's in Old Town Alexandria on Friday last week to celebrate. This instead of the "over the top" sweet sixteen party thing that seems to be "the thing" We (DS, DH and I) sat downstairs, of course, and everyone had a really nice time. And their dinner bill was under $200. Not bad for dinner for 11. The challenge was in ferrying all of them from our home to the restaurant and back. DS, DH and I all drove separately - as chauffeurs. It worked out beautifully! And she was very happy, which of course was the object.

And I won yarn!

Fanciepants celebrated her 100th blog post and I commented and won this…

Gedifra Topas

Actually, 9 balls of this. Gedifra Topas, cotton, poly and acrylic. It will become either a "Something Blushy" or a Flirty Tank

Gedifra Topas.

I also helped Cosmicpluto destash a little…

Snow White, isn't it beautiful?! Merino and silk. 490 yards or it.

Snow White merino/silk handspun

I have finished the bottom tube portion of Lorelei, and will begin the contrast stripe and top portion tomorrow.

28Thirty has a bit of a right sleeve… I can't seem to find a comfortable method for knitting the sleeves. They're done in the round, and one circular is too tight, the large loop method doesn't feel right. I think I'll try the two-circ method next.

And I have added two, that's right, TWO new bags to my collection. I ordered a Namaste Everyday in Black and a Namaste Jetsetter in Dusty Rose. I love them both! I'm beginning to understand the need for attractive knitting bags, as I am away from home so much more now. Rather than carry a purse and a knitting bag, these do double duty rather nicely! Although, I am still selling the Namaste Executive in Raspberry that I bought last year. It' a little large and unwieldy for me, as I'm only 5' tall.

I am so looking forward to this long weekend. We are staying put. Hoping to enjoy the projected beautiful weather right here at home. Maybe get a long bike ride in, some knitting, some cooking… I wish everyone a memorable Memorial Day holiday.

Happy Knitting

Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday FO

Isn't it cute!?

Little beaded bag

The little Exploring Stripes bag. It's little, but will hold a cell phone and small wallet.

Little beaded bag

And there has been progress on 28Thirty


I'm ready to attack the sleeves. Actually, it'll be nice to have something other than straight stockinette to knit, as the sleeves have the purl row every 6 rows.

Next up will be this:


I know, but I have so many UFOs! But I really have an urge to knit with Noro…

On other fronts, BIL is medically stable and we are looking into post-acute care facilities that will take patients with a tracheostomy. His recovery is slow, but he was sidelined by two bouts of double pneumonia and hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain). We are now 5.5 weeks post surgery, and I think the stress is finally getting to my sister. I suppose you really never know how much you can take til you're in the thick of things. We've all adapted to new schedules of picking kids up and making sure there's dinner on the table, but summer's coming, and things will be a lot different when the kids are out of school.

My biking buddies and I rode the "Wild Goose Chase" with the Terry Bike folks on Sunday the 27th in Cambridge MD. OMG. I don't think the weather could have been much worse! AND there were no potties on the route. That's right ladies – 400 people, 64 miles and NO POTTIES. So we had merciless headwinds, rain, cold and no potties. I know, I sound obsessed with this little detail, but seriously, we're talking swamp, marsh, snakes, ticks, other "wildlifes". Would you want to "find a bush"?

DS comes home at the end of next week. One year down. I can't believe he's finished his freshman year already! And I'm sure the next 4 months will fly by as well. His housing for next year starts on August 1.

And DD turns 16 in 18 days. I'd like to make it special without going over the top. So many of her friends have had "Sweet Sixteen" mini galas. I'm sorry, I just don't get into that. Maybe a nice pendant from Tiffany's – she had a couple on her Christmas list that Santa did not find, or the Longchamp bag she's been drooling over?

How have my kids grown up so fast?