Friday, November 30, 2007

Lots of Pretty Pictures!

Since I was without the computer for so long, I have a backlog! Here's the most recent addition to the stash, Noro Silk Garden, 10 skeins for either a Mavis or a Klaralund. I know you're supposed to KNIT with Noro in November, But I'm a little behind. I will just BUY Noro in November this year.

Noro Silk Garden

Noro Silk Garden

And this is the little "Camera Sock that Consumed Two Needles". The very nice person at Brittany told me "They are delicate in the small sizes, also affected by patterning (k2tog for example) and by yarn type (cotton which doesn’t give versus wool that does)." Really!!??? I think this was a pretty simple knit and shouldn't have broken two needles, but they do have a 5 year replacement guarantee, so they are sending more. I'm not sure I'll knit with them again, though.

Camera Sock

A bit of the very brief Autumn that we here in the DC area have enjoyed. This is the Japanese Lace Leaf Maple in front of the house. It was gorgeous this year!

Japanese Red Lace Leaf Maple

And Pie! 5 of the many pies we had at Thanksgiving. It's what happens when everyone says, "I'll just bake an extra pie in case we don't have enough."

Let them eat pie!

We had enough!

Happy Friday!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Knitting with Toothpicks… and Other Stories

Oh, what a week it has been!

On Thursday, the 15th, the network connector inside my mac fried. Snap, crackle, pop, fireworks kind of fried. Complete with smoke. So I was without my computer for 10 days. TEN agonizingly long days. I had to limp by using the back up drive (thank God for back ups!) and my G4 laptop, so I went without frivolous things like posting.

I did manage to finish my Rickenbacker scarf, and I love it!


I then thought I'd try my hand at sock knitting. I purchased three sets of Brittany dpn's on Friday of last week and promptly cast on with the 2mm set. Mind you, I have never knit socks before. This is like knitting with toothpicks! On Saturday, the first needle snapped. I moved stitches around and continued knitting. On Sunday, the second needle snapped. This time, I filed the end to a point and continued knitting.

Knitting with Toothpicks

I am now at the decreases. And by the way, this is a "Camera Sock"

Camera Sock

See that needle in front. That is one of the two I had to file down and continue using. I'm going to finish this thing If I have to break ALL of the needles.

And I missed TWO YPF's. I'll have to make up for it this Friday. I did hit another thrift store. I scored 7 skeins of Reynolds Lopi, circa 1970 or before, in light navy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Great Yarn Haul

The Yarn Haul

I had a great time thrift shopping this weekend! This is the result of 4 stores, 8 baggies and under $10! Of course none of these were packaged together, so I had the thrill of the hunt. One ball of that and one of this in each bag, it was fun!

I got 2 skeins of "vintage" worsted wool from Woolworths, two balls of Gedifra Barocco, 3 skeins of Pinguin Sport, a huge ball of white mohair, 2 balls of Moda Dea Dream in blue and 2 in brown, 3 skeins of Jaeger Celtic Spun Shetland, 2 skeins of Columbia Minerva fingering weight wool, a ball of Crystal Palace Fling in white, a skein of Moda Dea Tutu, 3 balls of Sugar & Cream cotton, a skein of unidentified Moda Dea, a huge cone of Denys Brunton Magicolour knitting machine yarn, a small ball of dark soft mohair, a skein of navy blue merino, a small skein of red wool and small ball of Lamb's Pride maroon, a ball of Stacy Charles Cancun and assorted skeins of acrylic.

Wooo. Isn't this pretty?

Big Ball o'  Mohair

Oh, and this is a new project…

Pink Sheep Stitchmarkers

I spent the other part of my weekend making bunches of these. They're in my Etsy store.

Friday, November 09, 2007

I Shared…

My husband read my blog.

Another reference to the "getting a real job" was made.

Although I did point out that I only post once a week, on average.

This was after one of my items on Etsy sold, (Thank you CPurl!) and he was helping me with the shipping. I made the mistake of showing Ravelry to him. Gaaahhhhh! What was I thinking!

He's just grumpy that I haven't made him socks yet.

So on with the Yarn Pr0n.

Araucania Limari

Some of my haul from Stitches, Araucania Limari, a wonderfully soft and squishy merino, alpaca, silk blend. And it's bulky, which will mean a fast knit! I have 10 skeins to make a sweater with. Maybe I'll try a simple cable with this.

Oh, and Rickenbacker is almost to the ruffle stage. I have needed TWO skeins of the Supermerino, by the way. Tha pattern called for one, but I was skeptical and ordered two. Glad I did. Only one would have made a 2 and a half foot scarf.

STR Cobalt Bloom and Pixie Park

Then there are these two. For Chevron Scarf #2. After I finish Chevron Scarf #1.
I couldn't resis the colors! Pixie Park and Cobalt Bloom.

Or maybe socks…

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I finally opened my Etsy shop!


Right now there are a few sets of stitchmarkers but I soon will have a multitude of earrings up for sale. Stop by and take a look!

Friday, November 02, 2007

It's Friday!

Must be time for Yarn Pr0n!

Ply in the Sky handspun

A lonesome skein of Ply in the Sky handspun. Acquired through the destashe group on Ravelry. What can I say… I'm a sucker for handspun.

Ply in the Sky handspun2

But isn't it pretty?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Juliet is finished!

Well… she still needs buttons, but:

Juliet blocking

That red and white thing is my homemade blocking board. I made it a couple of years ago following instructions I found on Fabric covered homosote. The checked fabric helps keep things straight. I made 4 from 1 4' x 8' sheet, 2 large and 2 small.

And I just HAD to start the Rickenbacker scarf! It was calling to me from my Ravelry queue. I have loved this since the first time I saw it. It's a fast knit, relatively simple pattern and looks good from both sides.

Rickenbacher on the rocks

After the lace pattern work with Juliet, since I enjoyed that so much, I needed something other than knit/purl. Keeps my mind occupied. So Lady of the Lake is still a WIP. I am getting close to the sleeve section, however. I think that will spur me on to finish it!