Thursday, March 29, 2007

More Noro Yarn Pr0n

Okay, here it is: The choice for my Wicked! Finally! Noro Lily in color 36 for a 3/4 sleeve Wicked. I kind of missed the boat this year for doing one in wool. So this is a silk/cotton blend. And I hope to do a mini KAL to guarantee It gets finished!

Noro Lily, lilac #36

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hey, It's Not Pink! But it's Yarn Pr0n!

I finally found something to purchase with my gift certificate.

Noro Silver Thaw, 4 skeins in color 2.
Wool, angora and nylon. And it's 70 degrees out.

But I had to use it in the online store, not the "brick and mortar" store, so my selection was severely limited. I have to admit, I was rather frustrated. I've been looking since August. So I snatched these. And they are very soft and gorgeous. Love that Noro!

Noro Silver Thaw color 2

Ah well, it's time to get back on the Project UFO wagon and finish my Sizzle and my Tivolini. Those are good 70 degree day knitting projects.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Hat for Linda

This is the Zephyr Style Delite Hat, free on their site !

Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2006, had a double mastectomy in February and began her chemo treatments on Friday. This is the first one of my friends to go through this and it really hits hard.

Linda was my kids' counselor in elementary school, and became a close biking buddy. We did many charity bike rides together. She moved to the other side of the country 6 years ago. I can't believe it's been that long.

Linda finally met the man of her dreams and was to be married on June 2, 2007. Now she's planning to be back here in DC on that day to walk the Komen Race for the Cure with us, god willing. The wedding is still on, mind you. She just wants to have hair. (she used to have to buy an extra big helmet for all her hair!) And her honey is being just great through all this.


All three of us, the Starbikers, have knit her hats. We're hoping that her wearing them will bring her closer to us, and that they keep her poor naked head warm.


Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm Still Here!

Wow, It's been a little while! Last posted Feb. 24. Let's see, the week of the 26th was what I call "prelude to a headache". The migrain started Monday morning and sort of hovered all week. I thought It was finished with me on Thursday. I felt pretty good, went out and had coffee, got my hair cut. Then WHAM BAM Friday morning 3 am. It hit back with a vengence. It was ER time. The ER was surprisingly NOT empty at that time of the morning though. I think I waited about 15 minutes to be "triaged" and they thankfully put me in a dark room in the back. But I was there until 7 before I got my shot of Demerol and the pain stopped. So Friday was a wash, and when the pain began creeping back Friday night, DH said, :You have the drugs, take them!" So I took a whole Percocet, went back to sleep and woke up Saturday feeling pretty beat up. Headache gone, but beat up. So this past week was my get back on the horse week. Catch up on work, family stuff and school stuff. I looked back at my records, and the last time I had to go to the ER was March 06. So that's much better! Used to be, I'd go 3-4 times a year. And before I went on the beta blocker, it was much, much more often. Maybe by the time I'm done with menopause, they'll leave for good? I'm hoping!

So, while there hasn't been too much knitting, I have almost finished Clapotis, and a chemo cap for a friend, I did manage to frog an entire sweater. Yep, a FINISHED OBJECT is no more.

Trendy Tweed Spaghetti

This is my Gedifra Trendy Tweed sweater. Sorry, WAS.
This is what it looks like now

Trendy Tweed Yarn Cakes II

My Gauge was off. The measurements were right on, but the armholes were too tight and I knew I'd never wear it. So It will be a top down raglan which is supposed to be knit in a bulky yarn

I love the yarn, It is a soft wool with a nylon acrylic strand running through it. So it's my Yarn Pr0n for this week. And here's my helper:


She insists on rolling around on my keyboard.