Monday, November 27, 2006

The Lost Weekend…

That was a book, about substance abuse, I believe.
I have had the migraine from hell since Friday after Thanksgiving.
If only it had been a hangover! I wouldn't have missed Friday, Saturday, Sunday and now, some of Monday. So here is a little bit of Friday's Yarn Pr0n, On Monday.
Under the cloudy influence of painkillers.

Color A

This will be a lovely shawlette for my MIL for Christmas. The pattern, Judy Pascale's Shapely Shawlette, I bought from Koenig Farm Spinnery & Yarn Shop at Stitches East. Even in my migrainey stupor, I managed to knit some this weekend. And does this stuff ever turn your hands blue!!! Fiesta recommends rinsing the yarn before knitting. Maybe I should have. The pattern is really nice, a gently curving shawl in simple garter stitch. The narrow ends will tie in front.
Photo to come.


Wannietta said...

I can totally empathize about the migraine! I take Imitrex for them but they are much fewer & further between since I started going for acupuncture to treat them. It started with 3 visits a week for a couple of weeks, then twice and so on until now I'm going only about every 6 weeks. If you're so inclined I'd highly recommend it.

Anonymous said...
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