Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hey, It's Not Pink! But it's Yarn Pr0n!

I finally found something to purchase with my gift certificate.

Noro Silver Thaw, 4 skeins in color 2.
Wool, angora and nylon. And it's 70 degrees out.

But I had to use it in the online store, not the "brick and mortar" store, so my selection was severely limited. I have to admit, I was rather frustrated. I've been looking since August. So I snatched these. And they are very soft and gorgeous. Love that Noro!

Noro Silver Thaw color 2

Ah well, it's time to get back on the Project UFO wagon and finish my Sizzle and my Tivolini. Those are good 70 degree day knitting projects.


sgeddes said...

Lovely Silver Thaw. I've got a bunch in my stash I think I might use to knit wicked. What are you going to do with yours?

Zonda said...

Gorgeous colors! I got leftovers of a skein to try.

sgeddes said...

A race on Wicked sounds fun. e-mail me so we can figure out details. sgeddes at bellsouth dot com.

Batty said...

Beautiful yarn!

elan said...

This is my favourite yarn! I'm saving my pennies for a cardigan knit from it.