Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Really Mixed Emotions

It began last week with a high school graduation. Wonderful speakers, watching all those kids walk across the stage, many whom I've known since preschool. A wonderful lunch with grandparents, then on to an awards dinner for my husband. Great evening!

The next morning we learn of the horrific accident that took the lives of 4 teen aged girls, two of whom had just graduated with my son. The fifth young lady who survived, also had just graduated with the class. They had chosen not to attend the all night grad party sponsored by the PTSA and had been headed to a night club in DC. They were softball players, sisters and cousins of boys in my son's scout troop, They were 18. The driver had changed lanes at the last minute, and wound up in the path of a tractor trailer truck. They had no chance. The whole community is devastated. The services and burials begin tomorrow.

There were graduation parties Friday night, tempered with the past night's events. The accident was all anyone could talk about.

Saturday, we held my son's graduation party at home. It was actually a wonderful event. We had barbequed pork and chicken and salads and sodas for the kids and my son built a huge bonfire in his firepit. There must have been 40 people at one point. He had a great time.
The next morning was Father's day.

We found that one of my daughter's friends had crept in to our house around 2 am. And had told her father she was here all evening. That started WWIII when my husband and I told her either she tell her dad where she really was, or we would. So much for a peaceful, happy Father's day.
We had to show up for a brunch - at a restaurant by 11:30 am, then to family 2's house by 4. It's times like these that I wish we were living on the other side of the country, away from all family.

The past few days have seemed like an emotional roller coaster.

My son leaves tomorrow for his two day college orientation.

I guess things really are changing.


Batty said...

How very tragic. When my sister was too young to go to clubs, she'd tell us she was staying with a friend, then would get in a car with some 18 or 19 year old who'd only been driving for a short time (driving age in Germany is 18) and drive all the way down to Hamburg to the clubs. 4 hour drive, just to go club hopping! Sometimes, teenagers just don't get it. I don't know how many times we tried to explain to her how bad this is, it was nerve wrecking. Fortunately, she's an adult now and no longer does stuff like that.

Congratulations on being the parents of a graduate. Excellent job.

knitabulous said...

Accidents like that are so devastating, and yet so common. Groups of excited kids in cars - drunk or sober - it's a deadly combination.

I remember when I use to sneak out to the bars and clubs as a teenager (I won't say how old, but it was WAY less than 18) with a friend. She'd say she was staying at my place and I 'd say I was staying at hers.

We'd get to 2am and look at each other and say 'where are we going to go?'

Now that we're middle-aged mums with mortgages and 4WD's we laugh about it. I'm glad we had fun while we could!

I've popped over from the TDF knitalong to wish you luck.