Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday FO

Isn't it cute!?

Little beaded bag

The little Exploring Stripes bag. It's little, but will hold a cell phone and small wallet.

Little beaded bag

And there has been progress on 28Thirty


I'm ready to attack the sleeves. Actually, it'll be nice to have something other than straight stockinette to knit, as the sleeves have the purl row every 6 rows.

Next up will be this:


I know, but I have so many UFOs! But I really have an urge to knit with Noro…

On other fronts, BIL is medically stable and we are looking into post-acute care facilities that will take patients with a tracheostomy. His recovery is slow, but he was sidelined by two bouts of double pneumonia and hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain). We are now 5.5 weeks post surgery, and I think the stress is finally getting to my sister. I suppose you really never know how much you can take til you're in the thick of things. We've all adapted to new schedules of picking kids up and making sure there's dinner on the table, but summer's coming, and things will be a lot different when the kids are out of school.

My biking buddies and I rode the "Wild Goose Chase" with the Terry Bike folks on Sunday the 27th in Cambridge MD. OMG. I don't think the weather could have been much worse! AND there were no potties on the route. That's right ladies – 400 people, 64 miles and NO POTTIES. So we had merciless headwinds, rain, cold and no potties. I know, I sound obsessed with this little detail, but seriously, we're talking swamp, marsh, snakes, ticks, other "wildlifes". Would you want to "find a bush"?

DS comes home at the end of next week. One year down. I can't believe he's finished his freshman year already! And I'm sure the next 4 months will fly by as well. His housing for next year starts on August 1.

And DD turns 16 in 18 days. I'd like to make it special without going over the top. So many of her friends have had "Sweet Sixteen" mini galas. I'm sorry, I just don't get into that. Maybe a nice pendant from Tiffany's – she had a couple on her Christmas list that Santa did not find, or the Longchamp bag she's been drooling over?

How have my kids grown up so fast?

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Batty said...

I love that bag, it's simply stunning!