Thursday, February 08, 2007

We Have Hats…

Bubble Wrap Cap in SWS
Bubble Wrap Cap in Patons Soy Wool Stripes. Nice pattern, Lark's Heart !

Favorite Scarf Hat
Favorite Scarf Hat - needs a bit of elastic thread around the rim. It's a little baggy after blocking. But it's warm and comfy and it matches my favorite scarf.


Anonymous said...

Andi... this is scary... I stumbled onto your blog looking for a pattern... then I saw your list of favorite things, pink... love the first hat... then saw the pink uggs, I have a pair, but my 17yr old daughter is wearing them... Love the Charles Remy piece... then saw the pink cap w/bike riding chick on it... too cute... kept going and saw the pink saddle, which made my pulse quicken... and then la piece de resistance, the pink Hall teapot...

I am married to a man named John Hall, who owns one of the country's top 100 bicycle shops, we have a 1915 Arts & Craft style bungalow (the Charles Remy piece would look great in it), I'm a knitter (fairly new, but obsessed just the same), mom of two teenagers, artist, AND a Leo! Too funny, especially when it happens I found you simply by chance! If you'd like to share yarn obsession stories, email me at:, and if you're ever in SE Michigan on a Friday night, you're welcome to join our Knitter's Night Out!
Keep knitting, girl!
Kathy McCreedy

Zonda said...

Nice hats! I love how the SWS turned out!