Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hey Crazy Aunt Pearl, Victor has a Cousin!

And he's trying to escape!
I swear, I have never had an onion do this. Potatoes, garlic, and shallots. But not a sweet onion. I guess I cook them too quickly. This guy thought he'd get away.

Victor's cousin

Maybe I've been knitting too much? Not

I did swatch for my Wicked in Noro Lily, and it looks like I'll be doing the mohair/laceweight version. I'm getting 24 st per 4 in on 5s. I could not get 18 st on 9s even. And any bigger would have been way too open a knit.

Oh, and my order from KnitHappens.net came today! I'll save it for YPF. OMG I need another storage "facility"

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