Thursday, May 24, 2007

30 days later…

Some Yarn Pron!

Lamb's Pride hand-dyed

I finally used my Christmas Gift certificate to Springwater Fiber Workshop! A "Sweater Hank" of Lamb's Pride worsted. Hand dyed in gorgeous pinks, corals, khaki, purples, etc. 1140 yards! Oh, what to knit?! It's happy in the stash right now, but I'm thinking cardigan something. Longish, with a big collar.

Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted, hand dyed at Springwater

It's been a busy month. My son is graduating high school in three weeks, and I'm behind getting the announcements out and behind with the plans for a family celebration for him.

April and May are notoriously crazy here but this year, My Beloved MIL turned 75. That could not go un- or under celebrated. My dear SIL was diagnosed with breast cancer, albeit a very early and treatable variety, breast cancer non-the-less.
So ALL of the April/May family get-togethers were at our house. This included Mother's Day, the MIL birthday and the rest of the "May" birthdays on that side of the family.

And I had my quarterly "trip to the ER migraine" on the 15th. Right in the middle of everything. Oh, and Prom was May 19. And we only had a LITTLE bit of pre-prom angst, with my son's date's mother calling in the middle of the migraine attack to talk about whether he "really" wanted to take her daughter. Not nearly as bad as it sounds, rather amusing really, but another thing that had to be dealt with.

I am so looking forward to July. That'll be after the June 14 graduation and the June 16 graduation party.

I don't mean to sound as though I'm complaining. I just want a little sanity around here. I love having both of our families nearby. I don't know what I'd do without them!

I did manage to FINISH my Clapotis! I will take photos shortly. I also finished my Zimmerman sweater, which is nice because it is cotton and will be great for summer. (Really, all I had left was sewing in ends)

I am determined to finish my WIP tanks, beginning with Sizzle. And Tivoli. And Orangina …

I am also walking in the Race for the Cure on the National Mall on June 2. I'll be walking for my SIL and for my friend Linda, who will be there as well. I am so excited to see her. She is flying in from Colorado to walk with us! You GO Girl!

Have a great weekend!


Batty said...

That's some beautiful yarn. All peachy and pinkish and somehow hunger-inducing. Don't know why looking at that yarn makes me hungry, but it sure does!

Mary, Mary... said...

Such a calm yarn for a busy woman. Good luck with the walk!

Zonda said...

Oh wow!! That's my favorite yarn and now you can get a hank like that!! Yikes!!

Yes, good luck with the walk!!

Tandi said...

H, saw your link on destash... That yarn is gorgeous! I've been very tempted to do a clapotis myself.