Monday, October 22, 2007


I have actually been busy… knitting!
I am three rows into the lace pattern. I think I'll do 6 or 7 total. I made the garter stitch section a little longer than the pattern called for - 12 rows longer. I am loving the yarn - Lamb's Pride - and the pattern!

Juliet progress

I cannot believe another week has gone by. Although it was a migraine avoidance week. It came on like a freight train at midnight last Saturday and I fought it with meds til Wednesday and saw my chiropracter for a "cranial adjustment". I was a little loopy on Thursday, but avoided the full blown ER visit, so I call that a success!

My son came home for a "Fall Break" It was so good to have him home again! He's really loving life in Richmond at VCU, running cross country on a D1 team, small, but still D1 which means really cool places for meets. And his mid term grades were all As and Bs! A really great start for him!

But here's my Stitches haul… a week late. OMG what a day!
I went on Friday and had a great time! I got two skeins of STR mediumweight, in Cobalt Bloom and Pixie Park for another chevron scarf, A bag of Araucania Limari, 10 hanks! in a pretty semi solid pink, 3 gorgeous dichroic glass buttons from Copeland Glass for Juliet, 10 balls of Trendsetter Coconut in Africa, to add to the two in my stash (who knows what I'll do with them), another glass button from Cheryl Kumiski, two more skeins of Liza Souza El Dorado in the Mardi Gras colorway, now I have enough for a short sleeved sweater or shrug, 3 balls of Noro Kureyon 165 from WEBS for a booga bag for my MIL, and a pair of earrings, also dichroic glass from The Glass Action. Oh, and some Knit Klips and a black sheep tape measure. Whew!


Zonda said...

Such a pretty colorway! Looking good!

Ava said...

That Juliet is looking good! I may have to make one.

Batty said...

Very pretty! Juliet is going to be beautiful with all the detail that's emerging as we speak -- it's one of those knits that's fun to watch as it grows.