Monday, January 07, 2008

Time Warp

Okay, so it's now January 7. It's been a month! But lots got done!

I finished my MIL's Booga Bag, finished my Manos Cowl. Added more yarn to the stash (natch). Buying new, hitting thrift stores and "helping others" destash.


Cowl finished flat

The Manos Cowl was an impulsive cast on on January 2. I had to start something! The year was young! It's a quick knit and the Manos is so soft.

I also added Knitting Vintage Socks and The Knitters Book of Yarn to my library. The Book of Yarn is a great informative read! So much information on Yarn - who knew?

We stayed in the area for the holidays, both sides of the family are close by and there was much eating and drinking (both families love their wines!) Our son has been home from school, and is eating us out of house and home again. It's good to have him in the house again. It's different - he's a bit more "independent", shall we say?

I managed to pick up a bronchial thingie the week before Christmas, and it was mostly gone by the big day, but it has lingered for way too long. Seems to be a morning and nighttime thing now. I think I'll give it a few more days. Actually, I'd been waiting til after the first of the year, because we got kind of screwed by our family doctor this year. As of November 20, he went to a MDVIP practice. I've been with this doctor for 25 years, so this is traumatic!

This means we would have to pay him a fee of $1500 per person, per year for the privilege of being in his practice. Now, this would also guarantee "one on one, for as long as it takes" type visits. But still. I'm afraid with tuition looming for at least 7 more years, this won't work for us.

We also had United Healthcare as our insurance. His practice dropped United. As have many other doctors in our area. And while I can still see the Physician's Assistants in his practice, I could not claim the visits.

So I chose to wait til Jan. 1, when we switched to another carrier. This system we have in this country is so screwed up. I am grateful to have health insurance. I wouldn't want to have to navigate the system without it.

Sorry for the rant. This just took up a lot of my December.

Oh, and I decided to try bifocal contact lenses. Woohoo. I had almost given up on contacts with my close vision getting so bad. I've been wearing my glasses almost exclusively since I got them a year and a half ago. (Tri-focal progressives - ouch) But I need my contacts when I ride my bike. I just have to take them out right away after a ride, and make sure I have reading glasses in my bag - in case I needed to fix something on the bike).
That was getting old.

And getting old sucks!

But consider the alternative…

Happy Knitting

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Batty said...

Great bag, and I love the Manos cowl! It looks all warm and cozy.

Who knew you could get bifocal contact lenses? My eyes do this weird rotaty thing so I can't wear contacts in general, but it's great that they can make them in bifocal!