Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Bunny Thumper Challenge… and a little yarn

Here's my entry to the Bunny Thumper Challenge as outlined on KitKatKnit's s blog.

Bunny Thumper

He wouldn't cooperate fully - as it was bathtime -


- and he's a big guy! All black Maine Coon - difficult to photograph. But he's a sweetie when he wants to be, trying to stuff all of himself into my lap.
His bunny thumper measures 5". Okay, that sounds funny…

And since tomorrow is YPF - maybe I can find a little yarn…

I've been adding to the stash lately, buying online - I had to get the Rowan Soft Tweed, in two colors yet, from Webs: Bramble and Thistle. It's so soft and squishy! I'm thinking a top down weekend jacket from Knitting Pure & Simple

Soft Tweed

Soft Tweed

Thrift shopping - this cone of rayon cotton is gorgeous!

rayon cotton

And this was a huge ball of off white wool fingering. I rewound it into cakes and it came to be 4 - 50 gram cakes. Maybe around 950 yards. Not sure what I'll do with it, but it's pretty and soft.

Wool fingering

And of course I had to help others destash - this is a lovely hank of Curlylocks from Fleece Artist.


Then I traded my Blue Sky Alpaca silk for these.

Tahki Ghost Print

Six balls of Tahki Ghost Print. Pretty pinks and oranges. I want to make an Urchin Hat with a scarf.

While I don't really make resolutions, I am HOPING to either finish or rip the projects in the WIP pile. I've ripped two already. The Ms. Marigold - the yarn was all wrong for it. And my Ribbon X-back. I will never wear a teeny tank without a bra and the seed stitch is not all that flattering on a teeny tank anyway. I've found someone on Ravelry who has two balls of the Tahki Capri I used, so with the additional yarn I'll have enough to make a more flattering shell.

I love Ravelry!

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