Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Progress on Curly Mo Light

As promised, here's a progress shot of my Curly Mo Light jacket:

Curly Mo jacket1

Curly Mo jacket closeup

This is the one using Berroco Optik and the mystery mohair from Amsterdam. I really like the combination. And I'm at the "dreaded sleeve" point. Seems I abandon projects when I get to this point. Okay, not this time! Hah, beware, jacket, I may finish you yet!

I received my Loopy Ewe Swap package this week! All kinds of goodies, including a Branching Out scarf in LL Shepherd Sock Tahoe colorway. I LOVE the color!

Loopy Swap goodies

LL Shepherd Sock Tahoe

I haven't heard yet from my Swap partner, but I'll show my project anyway - I made Odessa out of Misty Mountain Farm Jubilee. The pooling was interesting!



I call it "Worldly Odessa"

We are under a "winter weather warning" here today. Ice threatens. DH went in to work late and promises to watch the weather. Snow I can handle, ice - not so much. But it is kind of nice to take a "snow day" Sleep a little later, work in my PJs and not feel bad about it. I'm letting DD sleep in as well. She went to a Spice Girls concert last night. She's almost 16 and yeah, I know the Spice Girls are "so 80s" but she said it was awesome, and was home by 11:30, but I'm sure she still welcomed the opportunity to sleep in.

I plan to make myself a latte and knit in front of the fireplace and pretend there is a foot of snow outside!


Batty said...

That looks great! The curly yarn is fabulous, the Odessa pooling really is interesting (I love pooling), and... they make coffe syrup, huh? Yum.

Progress Lighting said...

I love the colores