Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Yarn

Things are looking pretty good here with my resolution (I really DON"T make resolutions!) to try and knit a little every day. I've been busy adding to the stash by thrift shopping for yarn. I even found a group on Ravelry for thrifty yarnies. My latest acquisition - a destash via ravelry - is 7 skeins of gorgeous Colinette Mohair! My dream yarn - all the way from France!

Rose Garden

Colinette Mohair Rose Garden

Colinette Mohair Rose Garden 3

And then there are the finds:

Unidentified nubby boucle

The unidentified nubby boucle - 276 grams

Unidentified boucle

The unidentified cottony boucle - 85 grams

I really am trying to knit from stash! I finally decided what to do with the loopy mohair boucle from Amsterdam (Yard sale find). I have cast on for the Curly Mo Jacket by Margy Mills. It's a top down raglan jacket with a little collar.

I decided to combine this with the Berocco Optik in my stash, alternating every two rows of garter stitch as in the garter stitch jacket in Simply Beautiful Sweaters. So far I am really liking the fabric, but it's a little difficult to knit as both yarns are loopy. The colors together are gorgeous!

Unidentified mohair boucle from Amsterdam

Berocco Optik

And I am just about finished with my knitted project for the Loopy Ewe Swap. I have to mail it next week, so I'll post photos then. Happy knitting!

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Batty said...

Lovely! I particularly like that first yarn, though I don't even want to imagine having to frog back.