Friday, April 11, 2008

Just How Did it Get to be April?

I swear, I've even forgotten what day it is. It's Friday. Right?

My Brother in law had been making fairly good progress following his brain surgery, but contracted double pneumonia last weekend and that has unfortunately derailed the progress. He has in fact regressed a bit. He is still intubated and in a coma like state. The doctors plan to do a tracheotomy to get him off the ventilator and administer meds to aid in waking him. We have hope.

Last weekend we drove down to Williamsburg to see DS run in a track meet at William & Mary University. What a beautiful campus! And we wound up spending the night in the very same hotel that we spent our so very pleasant "Evacuation from Hurricane - Bonnie" time. Unfortunately, it hasn't changed much in ten years. Still a dive - but walking distance to Colonial Williamsburg's center. And we had dinner, just the two of us, at the Kings Arms Tavern. The most amazing meal I have had in quite some time! We both had the "Cook’s Mixed Grill", "The Cook’s Selection of Meats, Game, and Seafood Venison, Rabbit, Duck, Vegetables, and Bacon Lardoons served with the appropriate good Sauce, Potatoes, and seasonal Vegetables". We added a bottle of a Prince Michel Cabernet, a Virginia wine and had a fabulous meal in the colonial tradition.

On Saturday we headed back north, stopping in Richmond to take DS and his girlfriend out for lunch. We walked around Carytown, along Cary street in Richmond. It's a wonderful stretch of funky shops and restaurants and of course, I ducked in to the Yarn Lounge! I bought a skein of this:


Pagewood Farm Hand Dyed Sock Yarn - Denali in Really Red. The beads came from Bangles and Beads. They, and the yarn are for this:

Exploring Stripes

Exploring Stripes by Holly Webb

And two skeins of Lamb's Pride Worsted - in VCU colors gold and black - for a hat for DS.

LP in RAM colors

There is so much going on, I need to compartmentalize my thinking. While we were away last weekend, DD, who was supposed to be staying with a friend, decided to have a little "gathering" at our house. Needless to say, she left a few too many "clues" and is grounded for a month. Just what I need now. I guess I was an idiot to trust a 15 yr old. This was the first time we've left any of the kids home for an overnight - and not with a grandparent.

Oh, and on the way home from my sister's house last night, my car was acting strangely - it's a 2000 Ford Taurus wagon, which I LOVE! I immediately changed course and headed to the dealer for service - and long story short - I now have to look for a new car. :(

It needs a new transmission. (among several other things totaling over $5000)

It's not worth what the new transmission would cost.

I am so bummed.


Trillian42 said...

Ah, Carytown. One of the things I really miss about Richmond. So many cute shops and great restaurants.

Total bummer about the car. I've done the transmission thing on mine. Thankfully it was still under warranty, or I'd probably be driving something else now.

Martha H said...

I'm so sorry that you are going through such a horrid chain of events. Each one, by itself, would be enough, but all together...OMG! I hope that by the time you do your next blog post, things are going a bit better for you.