Friday, March 28, 2008

And there has been knitting

I cast on for the 28thirty on March 20. Finished the collar section over the weekend and much of the upper body on the 25th - the day of the surgery. I have separated the sleeves and am now heading down the body.


The Rowanspun Tweed is nice to knit with, and I hope it will get a little softer after wetblocking.

I decided to go for the small and it was a good thing I double checked the pattern. The smallest is an XS. I almost went down that road. It would definitely been too small. As it is, I think it will grow a little.

Anyone care to guess who might have been here?


Maybe one of these?

Spicey Diesel

They've never bothered with yarn before, much less yarn inside sealed ziploc bags.

Must have been the cashmere/silk blend. Those were balls of Laines du Nord Cashsilk, and they didn't snag the yarn - amazing.

They (the yarn) have now been put in a safer spot.

Yarn Jail

Behind Bars.

1 comment:

Batty said...

Yes, Watson, those are definitely signs of feline activity. Excellent work, dear chap!

The kitties don't pull out bits of yarn that are sticking out of the cage? Wow, they're very well-behaved.