Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm Up for WIP Wednesday!

Should be done real soon… Riiiiigghhht.

Flirty Tank

But maybe it'll go faster now that it has a friend…

Yarn Bowl

Isn't it cool?! It's a Yarn Bowl from the Knit Witch. I've been stalking her site, waiting for one in pinks to appear, and one did last week! It's Bowl # 201. I love it! It's so cool to knit from! The little ball just spins, and spins…

Flirty Tank with Yarn Bowl

Oh, it's the the Flirty Tank from Y2K in Gedifra Topas.


Knit Witch said...

Wow!!!! The bowl looks great!!! I'm so glad you are enjoying it!!!

Batty said...

Beautiful knitting... and the yarn bowl is fabulous! I like the slit instead of the hole because that way, you can frog and just wind the yarn back onto the ball. I may need one of those too.