Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Mystery

I have no clue…

Chainstitched Mystery Yarn

This was one of many balls of yarn in a bag at the thrift store. I was intrigued, you can't open the bag to touch the yarn, but I could see that it was chain stitched, and looked to be a painted or dyed yarn. I haven't done a burn test yet, but I don't think acrylics would color like this. I unwound the tight ball and wound it on my niddy noddy. Looks like there are 46 yards/80 grams. It's bright primary colors. Now I'm on a mission - to find out what it is.

Chainstitched Mystery Yarn

Chainstitched Mystery Yarn

Chainstitched Mystery Yarn


Zonda said...

Whatever it is, very pretty colors! :)

Batty said...

Huh. I know that there's a fire test, where you take a tiny bit of fiber and set it on fire, and then you can tell by the flame if it's synthetic, plant or animal... except I have no idea how to do this.

It's so pretty, though!

Anonymous said...

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