Friday, March 13, 2009

YPF or FO Friday…

Hmmmm… a little of both.

I finished the back of Camille, does that count?

Camille back

And I have this:


A thrift shop find. I have no idea what is, except that it is a huge hank. 274 grams of what looks like a handspun. Dark, dark brown with flecks of bright green, maroon, gold, red, and dark blue. I need to count strands in the hank and figure out what the yardage is.

And here's a random kitty photo, taken by DD:

Diesel by Mara

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Batty said...

Wow, lovely find! Thrift store, huh? I need to go more often... there's surprisingly good stuff at thrift stores.

I love kitties. My furry blogging assistant is making sure I don't compliment other people's felines excessively, but that's one cute cat.