Friday, April 03, 2009


I have to step away from the Destash boards!
I think I need a 12-step program! This really is yarn pr0n! This is what I have amassed in the last month alone.

Outback Mohair
Plymouth Outback Mohair - 1090 yds.

Cherry Tree Hill Froth
Cherry Tree Hill Froth in Champlain Sunset, 1288 yds

Mountain Colors Mountain Goat
Mountain Colors Mountain Goat, one skein in Wild Raspberry

Peace Fleece Georgia Rose
Peace Fleece Worsted in Georgia Rose, 1600 yds

Berocco Optik
Berocco Optik, 3 skeins

Lorna's Laces Glory - Tahoe
Lorna's Laces Glory in Tahoe, 1080 yds

And another gratuitous Kitty face shot. Isn't he adorable? I can't help it.

At least I will have a long stretch of car knitting this weekend. We are going to Philly to tour the University of the Arts with DD. It was Philadelphia College of Art when I went there, way back in the 80's. I have not been back since I graduated. This should be interesting!

Happy weekend!

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Batty said...

Oooh, look at that adorable kitty face!

Maybe it's time to join one of the stashbusting groups... you're not alone.
Hi, my name is Batty, and I have a yarn problem...