Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I am just back from my mountain climbing expedition!

No, really! I rode my bike in the hills/mountains around Blacksburg, VA for the first two days of Bike Virginia. It was epic. I have ridden in a LOT of organized rides. From the really flat - Seagull Century - to Lake Tahoe and Solvang, California. But this was unlike anything I have done before! All I could think of while climbing those hills was "builds character, right?"

The gorgeous views almost made up for the pain of the climbs!

Here I am at the lunch stop, after almost 40 miles on day one.

To paraphrase Mary, "This is the New River. The name of the Bike Va ride this year was The New River - Roll Through Time. It really should have been The New River - CLIMB Through Time, and don't die while you are trying."

Or from Suzanne, "Dicky named it the "5/30" ride; you're either riding 5mph up a hill or 30 mph down the hill!" Very appropriate too.

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