Sunday, March 16, 2008


I have been a little distracted lately. My last post was March 5.

That night my sister's husband went to the ER with a bad headache. They did a CT scan and gave him meds and sent him home. The next morning, they called him to come back in. They did MRIs and MRAs and admitted him to ICU.

He has a basilar tip aneurysm and will have to undergo brain surgery on the 25th of this month. The delay is to assemble the surgical team, a difficult one because they also plan to do a heart bypass to relieve pressure in the brain during the procedure. It has not burst, which is one good thing, but it has to be clipped with a titanium clamp by way of a craniotomy.

Unbelievable. Scary as hell. Sobering. I could go on…

My sister and her husband are both 45 years old, with three kids, house in the DC suburbs, a business, and a large extended local family, thank God. It will be a long road ahead even if the surgery goes without complications. I have done a LOT of research on Brain Aneurysms and Surgical Procedures in the last several days.

And I have done a LOT of knitting while sitting with my sister in various waiting rooms.

And in the car. Our son was home for Spring Break last week. Not great timing, but it was really good to spend time with him. We drove down to Richmond on Friday to see him run in an invitational track meet. He ran the 5000K. No records broken, but it was a decent run for him. Then we took him out for dinner. We went to Comfort. Incredible food, funky old city building. I highly recommend it if you're ever in Richmond, VA.

red microspun

Did some thrift shopping in the past couple of weeks as well. I scored a huge bag of yarn for $4 at the Village Thrift that included 8 balls of red Lion Microspun, two balls of purple and one of lime. There were also 4 large skeins of red acrylic without labels. I need to find a home for those. And there were two skeins of a bulky spun wool yarn, varigated blues. I have no idea what they are. Both 45 gram skeins. Any ideas?

unidentified wool

Then yesterday I found a really cool box-o-yarn. Circa 1979. Softball.


The idea was to turn the ball on its side inside the box and knit from the box, thus keeping your yarn "clean". Cool. Plus it's a pretty pink. Looks a lot like the unidentified cotton I got last year at the same Goodwill. But this stuff is a teeny bit heavier in weight and darker pink.

Prayers for J & J…

Happy knitting

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