Thursday, June 19, 2008

GardenAlong 1.0

Well, with thanks to Norma, here it is:


The raised beds are begining to look like a real garden. The tomatoes are beginning to blossom and so are the zucchini. These are all Heirloom tomatoes, grown from seed by my youngest brother. We can always count on him for the best tomatoes every summer.

Raised Beds

Notice my attempt at an irrigation system - a coiled soaker hose. Hey, whatever works!

4 tomatoes: Limmony, Red Pear, Hillbilly and Brandywine

"Limmony", "Red Pear", "Hillbilly" and "Brandywine"

Red Bell Pepper

The fifth tomato is "Black Like Tula" and the peppers are Red Bell and Big Bertha - a great pepper for stuffing.

Lavender Basil

Then there are the lavender and basil plants, a summer staple around here.

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Zonda said...

Looking good! Hoping next year I can do this, I love fresh basil and other herbs!