Friday, June 13, 2008


How I wish I were there now.

Suri Dream Ocean

This is a ball of the Suri Dream in Ocean that I acquired as a destash. 5 balls. Should make a nice little cardigan.

I've been on a sort of a quest to replace a mohair cardigan I had a long time ago - and DH accidentally shrunk to minuscule proportions. This was a cute little 50's style "cropped" cardigan I picked up in a thrift shop. Lord knows how old it was, but it was really cute! Maybe I should be looking through vintage patterns…

I have found that I can knit with the splint on my thumb, and with #2s and beads. So I guess all will be good with the world. Typing is a little rough. I'm back to hunt and peck, because my fingers won't go where I want them. Can't figure that one out, it's not like I type with my thumb…

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Batty said...

I want to dive into your yarn and take a swim.