Friday, November 30, 2007

Lots of Pretty Pictures!

Since I was without the computer for so long, I have a backlog! Here's the most recent addition to the stash, Noro Silk Garden, 10 skeins for either a Mavis or a Klaralund. I know you're supposed to KNIT with Noro in November, But I'm a little behind. I will just BUY Noro in November this year.

Noro Silk Garden

Noro Silk Garden

And this is the little "Camera Sock that Consumed Two Needles". The very nice person at Brittany told me "They are delicate in the small sizes, also affected by patterning (k2tog for example) and by yarn type (cotton which doesn’t give versus wool that does)." Really!!??? I think this was a pretty simple knit and shouldn't have broken two needles, but they do have a 5 year replacement guarantee, so they are sending more. I'm not sure I'll knit with them again, though.

Camera Sock

A bit of the very brief Autumn that we here in the DC area have enjoyed. This is the Japanese Lace Leaf Maple in front of the house. It was gorgeous this year!

Japanese Red Lace Leaf Maple

And Pie! 5 of the many pies we had at Thanksgiving. It's what happens when everyone says, "I'll just bake an extra pie in case we don't have enough."

Let them eat pie!

We had enough!

Happy Friday!


Batty said...

Gorgeous bush! And... I think I see cheesecake. That's definitely a cheesecake-like substance, oh, yum!

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Anne said...

ooooooooo such yummy yarn and pie and tree photos! I do miss living in the metro DC area in the spring time but I needed a reminder about the fall.