Friday, November 09, 2007

I Shared…

My husband read my blog.

Another reference to the "getting a real job" was made.

Although I did point out that I only post once a week, on average.

This was after one of my items on Etsy sold, (Thank you CPurl!) and he was helping me with the shipping. I made the mistake of showing Ravelry to him. Gaaahhhhh! What was I thinking!

He's just grumpy that I haven't made him socks yet.

So on with the Yarn Pr0n.

Araucania Limari

Some of my haul from Stitches, Araucania Limari, a wonderfully soft and squishy merino, alpaca, silk blend. And it's bulky, which will mean a fast knit! I have 10 skeins to make a sweater with. Maybe I'll try a simple cable with this.

Oh, and Rickenbacker is almost to the ruffle stage. I have needed TWO skeins of the Supermerino, by the way. Tha pattern called for one, but I was skeptical and ordered two. Glad I did. Only one would have made a 2 and a half foot scarf.

STR Cobalt Bloom and Pixie Park

Then there are these two. For Chevron Scarf #2. After I finish Chevron Scarf #1.
I couldn't resis the colors! Pixie Park and Cobalt Bloom.

Or maybe socks…

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Batty said...

My DH reads my blog regularly, but he finds my yarn obsession (and even my monstrous sock yarn stash!) adorable. You could point out to your DH that it could be worse. You could be collecting expensive jewelry, designer handbags, $500 shoes... hey, you're doing great! Yarn is the gift that keeps on giving because we get so much entertainment out of a single skein.