Monday, November 26, 2007

Knitting with Toothpicks… and Other Stories

Oh, what a week it has been!

On Thursday, the 15th, the network connector inside my mac fried. Snap, crackle, pop, fireworks kind of fried. Complete with smoke. So I was without my computer for 10 days. TEN agonizingly long days. I had to limp by using the back up drive (thank God for back ups!) and my G4 laptop, so I went without frivolous things like posting.

I did manage to finish my Rickenbacker scarf, and I love it!


I then thought I'd try my hand at sock knitting. I purchased three sets of Brittany dpn's on Friday of last week and promptly cast on with the 2mm set. Mind you, I have never knit socks before. This is like knitting with toothpicks! On Saturday, the first needle snapped. I moved stitches around and continued knitting. On Sunday, the second needle snapped. This time, I filed the end to a point and continued knitting.

Knitting with Toothpicks

I am now at the decreases. And by the way, this is a "Camera Sock"

Camera Sock

See that needle in front. That is one of the two I had to file down and continue using. I'm going to finish this thing If I have to break ALL of the needles.

And I missed TWO YPF's. I'll have to make up for it this Friday. I did hit another thrift store. I scored 7 skeins of Reynolds Lopi, circa 1970 or before, in light navy.

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Anne said...

who knew cameras had feet?

bummer about the computer. It's scary how adrift we can be when technology lets us down, isn't it?