Thursday, September 07, 2006

September Update

School is finally back in session. I had forgotten just how quiet the house could be with no phone ringing and no music coming from the kids' rooms. With band and cross-country practices, neither of them is home before 5 now. Oh, the possibilities! I need to grow my graphic design client base, now that they are now both in high school, and one off to college next year. Yikes! And I have contracted to do 4 holiday bazaars with the jewelry business. So the fall should be busy.
Ahhh, knitting. I have soooo many UFOs I don't know where to begin. The bulky cardigan is coming along. I had to rip out one too narrow sleeve but am now almost into cap shaping.

oversized cardigan front

The bottom hem on Emily is done and now I can start the straight stockinette and waist decreases.

Bottom trim for Emily

And I just got my Silky Tweed from WEBS to knit Marilyn's Not-so-shrunken Cardigan! I have been wanting to do this one since I first saw the patteren and when I heard that the yarn is being discontinued and is on sale! OMG!

Silky Tweed

And there's Sizzle, and the little cap sleeve t in a berroco linen/silk, and the red tivoli in CottonEase, almost done.

I need to get myself to a regular knitting group.

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