Monday, September 25, 2006


Now I'll finally be forced to finish this!

Zimmerman Sweater

I had seen a sample sweater at my LYS, fell in love with it and asked for the pattern. I was told it was being written up and tested, so I went ahead and bought yarn and waited. (It is Elizabeth Lavold Cotton Patine with Tahiki Pansy carried along.) I kept checking back for the pattern and was finally told I could use Elizabeth Zimmerman's percentage method. I bought Knitting Without Tears and cast on.

I cast on the day my son got his learners permit, sitting in the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles, here in VA).

That was two years ago.

I have run out of Pansy twice, and now have to use a ball from a different dye lot. I bought what the sample sweater knitter had recommended and apparently it wasn't enough. I was also able to buy what they had left of the Cotton Patine in the same dye lot, 7 more balls, figuring I might knit a tank top out of whatever was left. I am almost at the yoke decreases, so hopefully the dye lot change in the carry along yarn won't be so noticeable. I love the drape of the fabric. I'm really hoping it fits. The sample I tried on fit perfectly. I'd love to someday compare patterns, and see where hers differed.

Now I have joined Zimmermania!
I'll put the button up as soon as I get more bandwidth from Flickr.

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