Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sizzling Along!

Well. I have resurrected my Sizzle. The Sexy Knitters Club KAL was too much to ignore, and it is knitting quickly. I knit both front and back to the armhole decreases and go from there.

Sizzle 9/19

I would love to finish up some of these "Summer" projects… before the weather turns cold. But then again, I do have the Zimmerman sweater, going on 2 years… and my Cinxia from Knitty Fall05 in Danubio. I'll drag that out and photograph it soon. It's ALL Twisted Stockinette. I don't know WHAT possessed me to do this one. But It is lovely, and the Katia Danubio is soooo soft!


Wendy said...

Welcome to blogging! It was great to meet you yesterday! :-)

KnitnZu said...

I've just started too, blogging and the sizzle. I'll post to skc when I get a bit more done.

Marlene said...

Just dropping by from Sexy Knitters to say hello. Love your chosen blog name.

Meg said...

lovely sizzle! :) I haven't started mine yet, but I did just get the yarn :) I'm trying to finish the Bonita shirt first, and JUST got to the divide for front and back stage, so getting there. Have fun with the blog!

- fellow newbie knit-blogger