Sunday, October 01, 2006

News Flash: Yet Another Week Flies By!

How did that happen!?

I see we're now into October. My car should have been inspected in September, I haven't finished Sizzle, or Emily, or Sage. All little tank type tops.

And I'm supposed to ride a hundred miles on my bike next Saturday.

It's time again for the Seagull Century. I, and around 7000 other crazy folks, will ride from Salisbury, Maryland to Assateague Island and back. For Fun. It IS fun. If it doesn't rain. As it did last year, and I did not ride for the first time in 6 years. The wind and rain were hurricane-like, and I decided I am not 25 any more. It really was too dangerous. For a fun ride. Now if I had been riding for Team in Training, like the other half of my century rides, I might have given it a go.

Last year we went yarn shopping instead. Found a great little shop in someone's basement in Snow Hill, Md. That is where I bought the yarn (Katia Danubio) for my Cinxia. And see, a year later, I'm only half done. I should have called this blog Half Done.

Here is yet another picture of a half done project. The sampler vest which I have now decided will be the Sampler 3/4 sleeved sweater. I'm winging it here…

Sampler top

What do ya think? Straight 3/4 sleeves, tapered 3/4 sleeves? And what stitch pattern? Aaauuughhh.

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