Wednesday, October 04, 2006

No Photo Wednedsday

Okay, so I had my bike tuned up, and now the cyclecomputer won't work. And now it's supposed to rain on Saturday. Some offshore coastal storm thingy. I abhor riding in the rain. But since there is ONLY a 30% chance, I'll ride anyway. And pack the rain gear.

And take my knitting. (For the hotel, not the bike)

I still have cinxia to finish. I am something like 4 rows short of finishing my Zimmerman sweater, but they are short rows. And this requires my reading instructions. carefully. I think I need mindless knitting for a weekend like this. So I will bring along Wendy's Kimono Jacket (my latest startitis result) and my Emily. Both will be pretty much stockinette for a while.

Wish me luck. On the ride, not the knitting.

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