Wednesday, October 11, 2006

We Survived!

The ride was wet and windy, (40 mph headwinds!) but we did it anyway! Although we did the metric century instead of the full 100 miles. Can't go down there two years in a row and not ride! And besides, last year was MUCH worse. So between the riding and the drinking (after) not much knitting was done. But overall, a fun weekend. Unfortunately, I have no photos, as I was afraid to take the camera out in the monsoon.

Found these, there's evidence!

On the route Finishing

I do, however have photos of my kitty's eye view of her favorite place. My side of the bed. (Blogstalker's weekly assignment.) This is what she sees just before leaping up and sitting on my lap as I try to knit.

Kitty View

She's too big now to squeeze under the bed.

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